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More than 26 million people in America suffer from asthma. If you’re one of them, go to the experts at Irvine Family Care in Irvine, California. From quality treatment to expert advice, Janet Goodfellow, MD, Sheryl Long, MD, and Ronald Young, MD, give all of their patients the care they need to breathe freely. If you suffer from asthma, book an appointment over the phone today.


Why do I have asthma?

Asthma affects children and adults and can be developed due to environmental conditions or inherited. If one of your parents has asthma, you have a 25% chance of inheriting it. If you have asthma and with no family history of it, you likely developed it due to environmental conditions. There are a few factors that can contribute to a person developing asthma, including:

  • Living in a polluted area from a young age
  • Being constantly exposed to high amounts of asthma triggers, such as smoke, pet hair, and perfume
  • Developing severe infections or allergies before age 3
  • Being exposed to rat or cockroach excrement from a young age

If you have asthma, then inhaling any trigger will cause your immune system to fight it by causing inflammation in your air passageways. This can make it very difficult to breathe if left untreated. In severe cases, it can cause permanent scarring in your lungs.

What medications do I need to treat my asthma?

There are two main types of medications to control asthma. They are:

Controller medications

The purpose of controller medications is to reduce inflammation before it happens. Controller medications should be taken on a daily basis. Controller medications include corticosteroids, which are inhaled.

Rescue medications

Rescue medications should be taken during an attack to bring immediate relief. Rescue medication include beta-agonists, which are inhaled.

Most asthma patients live with it for their entire lives, because there is no known cure. But by taking medication and getting regular checkups, men, women, and children who have asthma can live happy and healthy lives.

How often do I have to come in for a checkup?

If you are still learning to control your asthma, you should come in at least every two weeks. However, if your asthma is under control, you should come in at least once every three months, so your doctor can give you a physical exam and update your medication if needed.

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