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Thanks to innovative laser fat reduction technology, Janet Goodfellow, MD, Sheryl Long, MD, and Ronald Young, MD, at Irvine Family Care in Irvine, California, can target fat deposits on your body and minimize problem areas without surgery. For more information about how laser technology can transform your body, call or book an appointment online.

Laser Fat Reduction

What is laser fat reduction?

Using laser technology, the doctors at Irvine Family Care can target and eliminate fat deposits on your body. Using specific wavelengths, the lasers break down fat cells under your skin and destroy them.

Laser fat reduction is an ideal solution when you’ve lost as much weight as you can, but you still have problem areas that won’t slim down. This treatment can be the final touch that reveals your slimmest, trimmest body. If you need to lose a considerable amount of weight, the doctors at Irvine Family Care can give you a weight loss plan first.

How does laser fat reduction work?

Irvine Family Care uses SculpSure® lasers to break down your body’s fat. These lasers access the fat underneath your skin, heating it until the individual fat cells start to break down and disintegrate. The SculpSure system includes a cooling mechanism that works throughout the procedure to keep your skin cool and comfortable.

You’ll usually begin to see results from laser fat reduction in about six weeks because it takes some time for your lymphatic system to remove the destroyed fat cells. The final results will typically show within 12 weeks. Please note that while the targeted fat cells are destroyed and eliminated, new ones can form if you aren’t mindful of keeping weight off through diet and exercise.

Does laser fat reduction hurt?

No. In fact, it’s specifically designed to be a pain-free procedure. You may feel a warming sensation, but you should have no notable discomfort. To ensure patients have a painless experience, Irvine Family Care is one of the few offices that uses Nitronox gas.

This safe, effective pain reliever will leave your system almost immediately after your procedure is done. That means you can come in for a treatment and drive home right after.

Is laser fat reduction safe?

Laser fat reduction is extremely safe, especially when using SculpSure. This noninvasive procedure is safer and more comfortable than other fat-reduction procedures, such as liposuction and fat freezing. The procedure, which usually takes about 30 minutes per area, is an ideal way to target problem areas.

Furthermore, while the SculpSure laser system targets the fat cells under your skin, your skin is completely unaffected. You’ll leave your appointment without any signs you had a procedure.

If you need expert care from doctors you can trust, please call to book an appointment today with Irvine Family Care.